What is X=POSURE?

X=POSURE is a 5-7 week program (one 2 hour session per week) designed to help students identify their purpose or career for their lives. We not only identify the purpose or career, but we provide a plan/equation for how to reach that purpose and attain said career.

The X=POSURE program will open your students up to real life planning procedures while at the same time providing tools for professional development by coordinating higher education, networking, and scholarship opportunities and more! Students will leave with an increased level of self-esteem as they find out who they truly are or can be. This in turn will give them confidence necessary to pursue their newfound goals. The program curriculum will intertwine with the current school curriculum, as they will now be equipped with the knowledge to apply it to their personal goals.

Workshop time durations can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of your specific organization.

X=POSURE is representative of a literal linear equation to find X; in which X represents the unknown potential.

X=Unknown P=Purpose O=Opportunity S=Strategy 

U=Unite R=Reveal E=Execute

Highlighted Courses
T.C.C. (Talent/Career/Cause)
College Readiness
Money Management
Networking Skills (Elevator Pitch Contest)


The main objective of X=POSURE is to Find X. Let us help your students solve their life’s equation.


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