Work Readiness XPOSED

Work Readiness X-POSED

11224205_893313460723766_3990093135729370183_nWork Readiness XPOSED is a 3-day (2 hours per day) career and professional development program that significantly impacts the growth and development of participants in the areas of job readiness (soft skills). Students will be provided critical thinking skills, and abilities that will enhance talent, aptitude, abilities and interests.



Program includes:

  • Interviewing skills
  • Resume & Cover Letter writing
  • Self-marketing tools
  • Relationship building/Networking

The Work Readiness X-POSED is a highly concentrated work readiness and skills development workshop series that develops career, work and life skills and is designed specifically for inexperienced job seekers as well as those needing to enhance their overall knowledge of the employment process. This series can be tailored to in-school youth; college students; college bound youth; out-of-school youth; high school dropouts; and at-risk youth with a goal of providing them with employment basics. It can also be tailored to more mature, seasoned audiences comprised of individuals who have experienced layoffs, downsizing and/or are seeking employment for various reasons. All audiences are educated on the development and enhancement of transferable skills; knowledge and awareness of the workplace; and the standards, practices, trends and patterns that constantly shape the labor market. Participants are taken on a personal journey through the world of work assessing their current skill set while enhancing their use of critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to navigate through the economic landscape as they are better positioned to secure and maintain employment.

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