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The STRONGER Empowerment Tour is a panel event that was created to discuss the various issues prevalent in the black community.This event will travel to various colleges up and down the east coast providing a platform for healthy dialogue on subjects that affect women such as:  Domestic Violence, Love & Relationships, Self Esteem, and more. This panel will encourage the students and the community to become more vocal about the problems while at the same time providing a platform to develop solutions. 

Our panel of distinguished speakers will also help us tackle the following issues:

  • Black Lives Matter- this will be a discussion on racism in America, cultural appropriation, and
    white privilege.
  • HIV & AIDS- this disease is still very much prevalent in the African-American community. With
    infections rising and the rest of America seemingly looking the other way, it is up to us (the
    African American community) to make ourselves aware of the disease, treatment, and
    prevention. We will invite a local HIV/AIDS Health Advocate to be a part of the panel discussion.
  • Family Matters- The family dynamic in black communities look different than that of our white
    counterparts. Where are the Fathers and why are black women less likely to marry? Panelist,
    comedian Alton Walker, will give us a humorous take on the male perspective. We’ll discuss
    love and relationships as it relates to this issue and touch on domestic violence as well. Special
    guest, Kimya Motley, domestic violence survivor will be a part of the panel discussion.
  • Black Economics- black women are the fastest rising number of entrepreneurs in the US, when
    it comes to buying power African-Americans are number one. How do we take this information
    to make our communities better, stronger, and become a recognizable segment of the
    population? We discuss financial literacy and education during this informative discussion.

All of the topics will be moderated by our lively host, Kimberly A. Thomas, the creator and author of I
Hear That Girl. Com, a women’s empowerment lifestyle site dedicated to providing positive images of
women. The discussions will be held “town hall meeting” style. In which, we will give the audience the
opportunity to become a part of the discussion and help formulate solutions to the issues that affect us

How can your school be a part?
In order to schedule your school as a Stronger Tour location, contact Kimberly Thomas and provide a
date and location. We’re eager to add your campus to our tour stops.
We hope to make a stop at your school during this empowering and educational tour! Please contact
Kimberly Thomas at or 404-828-0468 for more information or any questions.