Jamaica Mission 2018 Seeking Counselors


The NextIN Line Network will be joining Dunwoody Baptist Church to conduct a 5 day camp for 60 teenagers who are in the care of the Child Development Agency and conducting a workshop for their caregivers.

Each counselor are paired with at least one other counselor to work with a small group of 7 to 8 boys or girls. Counselors sleep in the rooms with the campers, make sure campers participate in all camp functions, and lead small group discussions after morning and evening sessions.




For over 15 years Dunwoody Baptist Church has been involved with the Child Development Agency (CDA) and ministry in Jamaica. In 1995 the first team from DBC went to St. Ann, Jamaica to work at Windsor Girls Home where they painted, made roof repairs, set up a library, built a rock wall and made other repairs to a children’s home. As the years progressed, so did the involvement with the people, including the children who lived in the home, the directors, house mothers, duty officers, teachers and other employees of the home.

Each year, a team from DBC provides a fun and unique camp experience for boys and girls from all over the island. Sixty children from various orphanages are mentored and taught about God’s love.

Alongside camp, DBC provides workshops for those who care for Jamaica’s children through the CDA. The team each year train, encourage, and build relationships among the caretakers in Jamaica. This training is very valuable and provides a long term impact for children’s future.

Jamaica Ministries began their scholarship program in 1997. Since its conception the program has had the privilege of assisting 19 young people who have been under the care of the Child Development Agency of Jamaica. At the present time there are three students going to college through the program.