Detroit student, Dannah Wilson, gives stirring response to Betsy DeVos

The new President selected a cabinet to head various departments in the US Federal Government.  One of his selections are for Betsy DeVos, a woman with absolutely NO experience in higher education or education period. She has been tapped to oversee the United States Education Department.  She is undergoing glaring scrutiny during her hearing, as she is most known for steering funds away from public schools.  The most articulate, searing, and insightful response to her speech came from someone who would be the most affected by her confirmation.  Dannah Wilson, a 17-year old Detroit student, gave a stirring speech in response to Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing.

Dannah WilsonI am moved by the passion and intellect from this young lady.  She not only confronts the issues that plague our public school system, she provides insight and possible solutions for what is so greatly needed.  She gives a perspective that only a student invested in the system can give.  As always, I Hear That Girl! stands behind women, young and old, that use their voices to speak up for their beliefs and the empowerment of their communities.  To you Dannah, we say, “I Hear That Girl! and we stand in solidarity along with you.”  View her entire speech below: