4 Ways the Philmor Academy Girls School is creating Girl Bosses!

Kimberly Thomas of I Hear That Girl & Chief Marketing Officer of NextIn Line Network, recently accepted a position as a Pathway Teacher at the Philmor Academy Girls School in Lithonia, GA.  This private school is educating girls on a whole new level.  Founded by Sherrie Raymore, the Philmor Academy creates a culture of scholarship, sisterhood and the pursuit of excellence. It is the first of it’s kind for the city of Lithonia in regards to minority private schools.

Philmor Academy Girls School, a grades K-8 private school, is preparing young women today to be leaders of tomorrow through STEAM, Communications/Media and the Arts. Our goal is to ensure that each student is provided with a holistic educational experience that will equip all students with the tools for becoming successful. With a focus in the areas of STEAM and Communications/Media, our students will develop academically, think critically, lead purposefully, and make healthy and responsible decisions.

I teach Radio/Media, at the school.  And I love the hands on approach to opening the minds of our young girls.  We are showing them that there is nothing that is impossible.  My girls will soon be launching their very own radio/talk shows to share their viewpoints and use their voices to empower other young girls.  I am so happy to be a part of this amazing school and below, I will give you 4 ways Philmor Academy Girls School is creating “Girl Bosses”:

1.  Daily Affirmations

15078628_1165122020221086_1006137939526246226_nThe girls begin their day with affirmations that remind them who they are, their potential and encourage them to expect nothing but the best.  Repeating these affirmations cultivates a belief of confidence, surety, and boldness in our students.  They in turn exhibit the level of confidence in their work, their conversations, and interactions.


2.  Sisterhood

Research confirms that students who attend gender-based classrooms achieve an edge in the real world.  Philmor Academy girls learn to listen to one another, accept each other, and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.  They are encouraged to uplift one another instead of tearing each other down.


3.  Pathways

Beyond a wide array of core content classes, Philmor Academy Girls School students enjoy the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their talents in a variety of media/broadcasting, the arts, and STEAM curriculum.  I see this each week in my Radio 101 class.  When I entered radio, I was 16 years old, and soaked up every experience.  It is what has allowed me to become the woman I am today.  Opportunities like this at an early age, provoke girls to achieve goals that aren’t “typically” expected or afforded to women.

Philmor Academy

Isis teaching a class on the importance of branding in radio.

4.  Community

The staff and faculty at Philmor Academy serve as passionate role models for the students.  Women like Sherrie and myself are excited to pour into these girls because of our passion to empower young black women.  Girls at Philmor Academy will be surrounded and supported by amazing women in the community who serve as mentors for the school.  This level of positive support helps young girls thrive into young women.  The Philmor Academy culture prizes leadership, character, integrity, and kindness, which means your child will enjoy a safe and supportive environment in which to learn—both about themselves and about the world around them.


It’s always great to see institutions created to provide positive support for our community.  I am happy to be a part of Mrs. Raymore’s vision.  It has always been my belief that if you empower the women, you empower the community.  Our little black girls need us and I salute you Mrs. Raymore for the Philmor Academy Girls School.  I Hear That Girl! For more information on the Philmore Academy Girls School and/or to register your child to attend, visit www.philmoracademy.org.